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Shockwave Therapy Treatment - What You Need To Know About It

The study of shockwave assists physical scientists become knowledgeable about the general principles that makes burst of energy produce wave. Basically, the phenomenon of shockwave has got applications in various fields including, medicine, geology and astronomy.

What are the features of a shockwave?

A shockwave is simply a large amplitude wave present in an elastic medium and is resulted from a sudden compression of that medium. Shockwaves usually travel faster than sound and their speed vary directly with amplitude. As a shock wave passes a point, its intensity is likely to fall off more quickly than of the normal waves.

How can a shock wave be produced naturally?

Some natural events like earthquakes are likely to cause the occurrence of shock waves since they release energy through the air, ground or water of two to three miles per second. Generally, it has been proved that shockwaves can also occur in outer space. Scientists from for example the NASA have recently captured images and picturs of shockwaves resulted by solar flares on the suns surface.

How is Shockwave Produced Aeronautically?

The Aeronautical Information Handbook has clearly explained that when aircrafts exceed the speed of sound, they can make the air particles to be completely disturbed and in the end they can be forced to undergo drastic and sudden changes in velocity, density, pressure as well as temperature. These forces are most likely to cause the occurrence of a shockwave.

How is Shockwave Produced Mechanically?

Electrohydraulic, piezoelectric or electromagnetic transducers can easily produce small shockwaves in a lab by introducing a pressure wave via a conductive material. Physicians and veterinaries normally use these shockwaves for certain kind of medical procedures including treatment of soft tissue injuries, stone removal as well as cancer research. This is the reason why youll find most physicians advising patients suffering from these disorders to undergo shockwave therapy treatment. However, the treatment must always be carried by a very qualified physician since the shockwaves can easily cause some temporary or permanent side effects in your body.

It is thus very important before you resort to this treatment option you ensure that you carry out a thorough research so that you are sure if it will work with your body.

Last, but not least, for more information about shockwave therapy plus its effectiveness as a treatment option for most disorders, do not hesitate to use the internet so that you can know more about it. A safe application can be shockwave therapy for heel pain. In Holland, this is a popular and effective heel spur treatment without extra costs, or as the dutch would say "effectieve hielspoor behandeling zonder extra kosten". This last part can be an important issue for people who cannot afford expensive treatments.


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