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What Can An Eye Exam Reveal?

If you are like most people, you ignore a visit to the eye doctor until you absolutely have to see him. This is unhealthy regular eye tests are about more than just getting prescription glasses. Your eyes are a window to your health and by having regular eye tests you could detect diseases that would otherwise go undiagnosed until they have progressed. In case you are wondering how often you should have eye tests, it is recommended that you have a thorough one every 2 years.

Here are some conditions that your eye doctor could diagnose:


This is a very common chronic illness and more and more and more people are being diagnosed with it. Even in the early stages your eye doctor can detect that you have diabetes your eye vessels will burst and leak tiny amounts of blood into the eye of they could leak a yellowish fluid. This means that you have something called diabetic retinopathy, a precursor to full-blown diabetes. If you start getting treatment right away you can keep it under control.

High Blood Pressure

This is a condition that affects very many adults. Unfortunately, it has no symptoms and it will eventually lead to stroke, heart disease and other complications that can lead to death. When you have it the vessels in your eyes thicken and this restricts blood flow, leading to tiny raptures and bleeds in the eyes. Your eye doctor can easily detect these bleeds if he raises any concerns you should see your doctor immediately and begin immediate treatment.


This is a debilitating disease that affects the elderly in most cases but can also strike when one is middle aged. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for it yet but if it is caught in the early stages there are some drugs that can slow down its progression. There are tests that are currently being developed that will be able to detect changes in retinal vessels. In fact, these tests are so comprehensive that by analyzing images on a computer your doctor will be able to tell you what kind of dementia you may be suffering from.

Brain tumors

Eye tumors are rare but often tumors in the brain can be detected through the eye. If they are near the eye itself they will cause retinal swelling. Sometimes tumors in the brain can spread through the blood to the eye.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol is caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise. It can lead to cardiovascular disease if it is not managed properly ort caught in the early stages. Your ophthalmologist can tell that you have high cholesterol because it causes high blood flow to the back of the eye. It can also cause the cornea to have a yellow ring around it.

Autoimmune disorders

These are diseases such as Lupus and your eye doctor can detect them through your eyes because they cause unusual patterns of irritation.

These are not the only diseases that can be detected through an eye exam; there are others so it is very important that you see your ophthalmologist as recommended.


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