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What To Look For When Considering A New Family Dentist In Bristol Indiana

Not all who call themselves a family dentist are able to meet the needs and preferences of your family. You have to make an effort to evaluate a dentist before making a decision. Here are top five things to look for in a family dentist:

Kid-friendly. Being a family dentist means that he or she should be able to cater not only to the adults but to the kids as well. The kids are often not easy to treat. Many of them would be scared of just the mere sight of a dentist, or just tend to be uneasy, which makes them unable to sit still while undergoing the procedure.

It is very important to find a kid friendly dentist in Bristol or one who knows his or her way around children. Find a dentist who does not only have the patience to deal with unruly kids, but who knows how to make the children feel safe and comfortable while having their teeth done.

Expert in restoration. Extraction is not the only solution to a damaged tooth nor are dentures the only way you can have your extracted tooth replaced. In order for a family dentist to become a one-stop shop for all the dental needs of a family, he or she should be an expert in restorative procedures such as crowns and bridges.

Crowns and bridges are prosthetic devices cemented on the existing teeth. They are recommended if you are missing one or more teeth. Through the help of a family dentist that specializes in restorative, crowns and bridges can make you feel like you have not lost a tooth.

Specializes in general dentistry. It is also worth noting that you do not go to a dentist only when you have a problem with your tooth. You will have to get your teeth checked or cleaned every once in a while to keep them strong and healthy. The best dentist must specialize in services such as teeth cleaning, fillings, and exams, and at the same time offer to apply sealants, fluoride and other substances that helps protect the tooth from decay.

Latest in technology. A family dentist can best perform the services that he or she offers through the use of up to date dental technologies. The technology, however, need not be complex. Even the simplest tools can produce the desired result if the family dentist has adequate experience in the use of these tools and knows his or her tasks well enough to do them even with their eyes closed.

Good reputation.You should not entrust your dental health or that of your kids to a family dentist who does not have the credentials for delivering good services. While it helps to ask around or to research about a family dentist, it is still advisable to see this dentist in person. Find out for yourself if he or she is a professional that you can truly rely on.


Look for a kid friendly dentist who can become a one-stop shop for all the dental needs of your family. The best dentist should specialize in general services, restorative treatment, and pediatric dentistry. Finally, make sure that he or she has a good reputation.

Older Adults And Oral Health - Bee Cave Dentists

Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) began performing studies on the topic of older adults and oral health. The good news is that more adults than ever are keeping their natural teeth. After age sixty-five, however, a significant decrease is noted. In some cases, the reasons were related to side effects from medications taken for chronic conditions that are detrimental to dental health. These medications include antidepressants, antihistamines and diuretics. Much of the disparity may be because of the sharp decrease in income when people retire from their jobs. People with lower incomes are most likely to eliminate dental visits than those with higher incomes. Many, in fact, begin losing their natural teeth and are unable to afford replacing them. This may be directly related to older adults not having dental insurance any longer. In fact, only approximately twenty-two percent of older people have dental coverage.

The study showed that at least one-third of adults sixty-five and older have either periodontal issues or untreated dental caries, or both. This equates to approximately one in four adults in that age group as opposed to one in seven adults in the 35 44 year old group. The research also showed that older adults over fifty-five experience a higher rate of oral cancer, especially if they smoke or drink heavily.

It is important to note that the greatest deterrent to these types of statistics is prevention. Whether a person can afford dental insurance or not, everyone can practice good oral health habits. Knowledge plays an important role in dental health regimens. Knowing the types of problems that occur more frequently in certain age ranges can help in choosing the appropriate type of Bee Cave dental care.

Many older adults develop dental issues as a result of procedures that were performed a number of years earlier. Often fillings and crowns become exposed by gum disease or are simply so old that they fall out. In many instances this can leave a person with a chipped or cracked tooth that requires extraction. Unfortunately, if a number of teeth are missing, other problems arise such as crowded teeth and a sunken jaw which require extensive work to correct.

Older people who wear dentures that were created years ago may have become ill-fitting and even irritating to the gums. With all of the new technology available, options such as dental implants could correct the issue for the rest of their lifetime. If insurance is not affordable and income is low, however, the chances of them receiving that type of procedure is slim. Thus, additional problems arise.

The bottom line on older adults and good oral health in many ways is no different than that required by younger people. Prevention and maintenance are still the best ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy.