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Helpful Hints For Great Teen Oral Health

The teenage years are difficult enough without having to deal with an unsightly smile. Suggesting a few helpful hints for great teen oral health may help them feel good about their smile and gain self-confidence. Here are ten tips to follow:

1. Brush teeth at least twice per day for at least two minutes. (Use a timer to help)

a. If you cant brush after a meal, rinse and swish with plain water or chew sugarless gum.

2. Floss once a day. The family dentist or dental hygienist can explain the proper way to floss for best results.

3. Skip those sugary snacks and drinks. Not only can they discolor teeth, they are also responsible for plaque, leading to tooth decay.

4. Re-consider mouth piercings. There are several reasons why they may be bad for oral health:

a. The mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Piercings can easily result in infections. b. Piercings can interfere with chewing and swallowing. c. Allergic reactions to the metal used are a common occurrence. d. Piercings can damage fillings already in the mouth. e. Increased saliva is a frequent side effect. f. The metal in the piercing can interfere with dental x-rays.

5. Wear a mouth guard when participating in sports. Orthodontic mouth guards should be used if braces are present.

6. Eat a nutritious diet. An occasional snack or pizza may be fine, but keep it to a minimum. When eating sweets, include them with your meal to reduce exposure time to teeth.

7. Contact the dentist immediately if there is any injury to teeth or mouth.

8. Take time to check teeth regularly for indications of decay or cavities.

a. Get in touch with the dentist right away if you discover any problems.

9. Dont smoke! Smoking is not only bad for general health, but oral health as well. It can stain and discolor teeth, cause bad breath and even mouth cancer, among other problems.

10. Visit your Boulder dentist for regular checkups and cleaning.

Oral health is often a topic that teens overlook, what with school, sports and other activities. It often falls upon parents to see that these helpful hints are adhered to. Starting great oral health habits at an early age is an important factor in whether or not teens practice a good dental health regimen. Studies have shown that if the habits have been maintained throughout childhood, continuing those habits into adolescence is much more likely to happen.

The teen years can be difficult for so many reasons. Low self-esteem and confidence during adolescence are a common concern today. It is a proven fact that a beautiful smile can make an extraordinary difference in the way a person perceives themselves. Those with healthy dazzling smiles are more confident and more successful in life. One way that change can be achieved is by using these helpful hints for great teen oral health.