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Why Invisalign Is The Best Aligner On The Market

There are many types of aligners out in the marketplace today, including ClearCorrect, Originator Clear Aligner System, MTM Clear Aligners just to name a few. And each claims to have made adjustments in their design that makes them better than all the rest; which may very well be true. However, when it comes to clear aligners, the 800 pound gorilla in the clear aligner space is Invisalign.

When people think of aligners, or "invisible braces," Invisalign is the first name that comes to mind - and for good reason. Invisalign was the first of its kind, and has been out in the marketplace for almost twenty years. When it comes to space age technology like these clear aligners, longevity is definitely going to play a key factor in someone's decision making process.

Another factor is the certification process Invisalign created for dentists interested in offering this product at their practices. Align Technology Inc., the inventors of Invisalign, designed a cookie-cutter training system that trains dentists anywhere in the world how to implement the process for their patients.

This means that local dentists, who aren't necessarily cosmetic dentists, are now able to label themselves as such; because they now have the ability to help straighten someone's smile - this has tremendous value. Unlike orthodontists, who specialize in that form of dentistry, which justify their pricing, dentists with little, to no, orthodontic training, can provide similar results, without all the years in dental school.

The secret is in the software Align Technology Inc. provides. It's the backbone of what makes Invisalign great. The software is designed to create a blueprint of how the process is going to create the results the patient wants. This blueprint shows up as a sequence of steps the patient must take, and even a before and after picture, giving the patient a future outcome they can actually see.

Invisalign, the pioneer in the clear braces space, has been able to provide thousands of patients with the smile they've always dreamed of, becasue they have been able to perfect their system over time. The product has never been better, the training for the dentists has never been more concise, and the pricing is currently at the best it's ever been, If you're ready to make the leap to Invisalign, then type in, "affordable Invisalign in Queens," into your favorite search browser to get started on the path to straight, beautiful-looking teeth today.

Your Options For Professional Tooth Whitening

Many people who are looking to get their smile as white as can be find that even after using effective over-the-counter whitening pastes and strips they still need to look into getting professional treatments done. These treatments may be much more costly than at-home whitening methods, but they are usually very effective, painless, quick and long-lasting. Here are a few professional whitening treatments you might get at your dentists office with more information available here. Or try these best methods for removing yellow discoloration.

The Zoom chairside whitening system is one of the most popular. Many dentists offer it. It uses a hydrogen peroxide gel along with a power lamp that will accelerate bleaching in just about one hours time. Your dentist will apply the gel three times during the procedure at varying intervals. Once your treatment is complete, your dentist applies a sensitivity preventing, paste-gel product that contains fluoride. You will go home with a special at-home kit with custom-fitted dental trays to touch up your smile.

BriteSmile Whitening is about as popular and easy to find at dentists offices across the country as the Zoom method. You can even go to a special BriteSmile clinic if one is near you. The procedure starts when a concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel gets applied to your teeth. This formula is pH balanced to maximize whitening. It also contains a glycerin and water blend to keep teeth from drying out during the hour-long procedure. The gel gets applied in intervals of about 20 minutes each. After the application, a light system is used on the teeth to get the whitening accelerated.

Opalescence Boost Whitening is a system that has a proprietary blend of a bleaching gel which has carefully been formulated to work without the need for a special lamp or light. It contains a mix of hydrogen peroxide gel along with a specially patented ingredient, some potassium nitrate, and fluoride. The formula gets teeth white and it protects teeth against sensitivity and cavities.

Sapphire Brand Whitening is a whitening system developed by Den-Mat and is widely regarded as the most gentle but effective system available. It works but does not cause sensitivity to teeth or gums. It uses a hydrogen peroxide gel and a desensitizing ingredient. The gel is applied to the teeth and then the teeth are exposed to a Whitening Crystal light. They sit under the light for half and hour and then the gel is removed from the teeth. Your dentist will examine your teeth after 30 minutes to see if they are the desired color. If so, you are done and ready to show the world your new smile. If not, you must undergo the procedure again. This means that the entire process can also take about an hour, but you do have the benefit of possibly being done sooner. If you are ready to consult with a dentist about the best treatment, ask about the above or anything else that might be best suited to you. The cost of each treatment is about $500 but will vary with procedure and location. As you can see there have been some very good methods developed by the dental community to get you a smile that you can be proud to show off.

Invisalign Has Proven To Work Again And Again

Isn't it strange that this day, and age, with the world's information available at our fingertips through the amazing internet, there are still some people that will try all kinds of snake oil salesmen-type products to help them create the smiles they want; rather than finding out ways that have been proven to work again, and again?

There have been people who have had to suffer through dentists tightening metal bands across their teeth, and living with that tension on their teeth for several years, before emerging from the dentists's office with an whole new smile. Sure it was painful. Sure it was a nightmare to maintain. But it was also glorious when the bands were removed. What many people forget is that glorious results come after a real price has been paid. In this life there is no such thing as something for nothing. If you believe you can go online, and find some product that's going to cause your teeth to morph into the perfect smile, than you are a target for unscrupulous sales people with gimmicky products.

Traditional braces are still as effective today as they were in years past. In fact, they are even better today. Braces were an automatic two years before they could be taken off. Today, it could be less than eighteen months, and your smile can look just as good.

The thing is, Invisalign works in about the same amount of time. In many instances, they work even faster. And if that's the case, why deal with uncomfortable braces, when you can get the same result, with almost none of the problems once can experience with metal braces?

It's for these reasons Invisalign is on an upward trend in popularity. Invisalign trumps metal braces for a slew of reasons; one of them being they're plastic for starters. They're durable, but pliable enough that can fit snug around your teeth. They're also removable. The trays can come off for any reason. Any certified Invisalign specialist will tell you to keep them on as many hours as possible, but many patients have taken their trays off, and still experienced fantastic results.

Another reason - the people you speak with will almost never notice you have them on. This means you could be undergoing treatment, while you're living out a regular day, and no one will know - how awesome is that? If this was enough to get you ready to get started, then you're going to head on over to, to schedule your appointment, and begin straightening your teeth today.