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The Benefits Of A Green Juice Smoothie

If you have done anything with raw food, you've heard the term "Green Juice." What goes with green juice and the raw food lifestyle, smoothies! Yes, folks, you read that right, green juice smoothies! What Is this smoothie we're talking about? The best way I know of to explain this is to think of your favorite ice cream joint.

You understand the smoothies and shakes you get there, right? The same concept goes into this green juice smoothie, of course, without the ice cream.

Instead of ice cream, add organic fruits and fresh veggies until you get a nice smooth, creamy concoction. Guess what? That's a smoothie in its purest form! Ok, so why are these green smoothies so good for you? Great question! Heres a list of a few of the benefits below. You might be a bit amazed at what you read.

First of all, in case you dont fully understand what goes into this type of beverage, it's easy to comprehend how great it is for you. As an example, when you create you'll use the simple stuff, usually a 50/50 split of vegetables and fruits.

Apples and pears are most likely the easiest and, of course, vegetables. Keep it simple and start with simple green leafy stuff like spinach. Then, when you learn a bit more, you can branch out, no pun intended!

A green juice smoothie may be used as a meal replacement. Its a very healthy smoothie that you produce and know what's inside. It covers all the nutrients your body craves and needs.

Think about it, how many times have you had a meal with veggies and fruits? If you are into a lifestyle that is healthy, then you've had this sort of meal before. Did you feel great afterward? Well, you'll have it again but in a different kind of form. So, I'll challenge you to have a nice green smoothie for breakfast rather than that protein shake next time, Ok?

Also, they are not just great for your body, but also your mind. It makes sense the blood flows freely if your body is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs. With good blood circulation through your brain, that thing that regulates your body, you will be more focused. You'll be in a much better mood; you'll see things more clearly; etc.

Another benefit of this smoothie is for your digestive track. We have all heard that a whole lot of foods out there lack fiber, so we take fiber pills, right? Well, vegetable and fruits have natural fiber in them and, when you juice or "smoothie" regularly, you will "go" (to the bathroom that is) frequently, get it?

Another thing about a raw food green juice smoothie is it help fight the problem of obesity. People are eating just far too much processed food and it needs to stop! A green juice smoothie alone could wipe out obesity! If you are in fact overweight, then why not start with a consistent diet of green juice smoothies! Your body will thank you for it!