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Helping Athletes With Whole-body Vibration Training

Running Has Become The Most Popular Sport In The United States Mainly Because Of The Small Start Up Costs Associated With The Sport. Becoming An Endurance Athlete Is Becoming More And More Popular As People Try To Push Their Bodies To Do More. A Whole-body Vibration Machine Offers An Opportunity To Boost Fitness, Increase Bone Mineral Density, Increase Range Of Motion, And Overall Flexibility.

The whole-body vibration machine works by creating an unstable surface. The exerciser stands on the platform with their knees bent around 30-dress and the platform surface vibrates up to 30 times per second. The unstable surface convinces your body that it is falling and the brain responses by sending signals to the body to start the stress reflex. The stress reflex is an extremely rapid muscle contraction, which is the action that is responsible for the main benefits of the whole-body vibration machine. Your body acts as form of resistance training and the vibration of the machine acts as a form of acceleration that you would receive the same effects of running or walking by standing on the platform.

For athletes, both professional and the weekend warrior, they can see the benefits of the whole-body vibration machine which causes a reduction of the stress hormone called cortisol and an increase of the human growth hormone. This benefit alone will help reduce the time it takes to heal from an injury as well as the human growth hormone is well known for increasing overall muscle repair especially after a hard workout as well as new muscle growth. The whole-body vibration machine also increases range of motion and flexibility, when these abilities are increased they will decrease your chance of becoming injured.

Merax Vibration Platform

According to a study completed by the Journal of Bone and Mineral Researchin 2004 found that using a whole-body vibration machine for 30 minutes three times a week increased overall bone density in hips. Increasing the bone density in the hips is extremely helpful for the overall health of any athlete that either runs, has running part of their sport, or experiences impacts in their chosen sport.

The whole-body vibration machine also increases the circulation of its user. For athletes increases in circulation helps with oxygen delivery to all the muscles of the body. Increasing in oxygen keeps lactic acid in the muscles from building up and allowing the athlete to compete longer and at a higher performance level.

When the platform vibrates and the stress reflex is started it activates muscles in the athletes core. The core muscles are the foundation of all activity and when the core muscles are strengthen then there is an increase in overall performance level. A study has found that standing on a platform that vibrates while still eating the same or smaller amount of daily calories will decrease the size of the torso. Whether you are looking for a way to decrease injuries or you are looking for a way to increase your overall performance level then a whole-body vibration machine should be something you should add to your gym.


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