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Implant Dentistry Is Not As Much As You Think It Is

Dental implants were introduced to the market in the early eighties. At that time there really only two options for someone with a missing tooth, or missing teeth. You had a bridge and crown for one, or even two missing teeth; but if you had more than two, your only realistic option at that point were dentures.

The biggest issue with the bridge and crown, is that the dentist has to destroy a perfectly healthy tooth; in order to place the new crown on. This new crown, has the replacement tooth attached it to as well. In essence, they are both crowns, but one needs to have a foundation on which to rest on. This is why a healthy tooth needs to be destroyed before this process can take place.

Dentures today are a lot easier to deal with, due ti implant technology. However, before that technology became available, people had to deal with sliding, and shifting, teeth; that made talking and eating a nightmare. In addition, because those dentures were constantly moving, that led to gums being sore; and the jawbone to lose bone density. With sore gums, many folks would leave their dentures off until they were going out, or had to entertain company. For those with bone loss, meant looking like another person altogether once those dentures came off. Both results were not acceptable long-term.

This is the implant was created. When they first introduced, they were about the same amount they are today - between $3,000 to $5,000. Today that is more than doable. Not so much in the early eighties. Because technology has allowed dentists to perform this procedure faster, with less hassle, the price has gone down, while quality, and safety, has gone way up. Issues dentists were having with implants back then are a memory. Even dentists who learned how to perform implants over a 3-day course are now performing the procedure better than the leading expert when they first brought out to the market.

If you value your smile, and you want to be able to speak without lisps, or tripping over your words getting used to your new dentures, the amount you are going to pay to get these done will not compare to the value it provides. If you are in the New York City, then look up, "affordable dental implants brooklyn ny," in one of the major search engines; to schedule a time for an oral examination and consultation.


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