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Natural Insect Repellents For Keeping Pests At Bay

Do you know that there are several herbs and plants to keep pests and insects at bay? Most of them are available in your kitchen and they are extremely helpful to get rid of the nuisance in a safe and effective manner. There are some solutions where different herbs and essential plant oils are mixed to give you an even more powerful impact. There is however one vital thing to note in this regard- all the natural insect repellent products is safe and equally effective like their chemical counterparts. In fact, they are better as they contain no toxic chemicals and substances. Now, let us take a look at some of the common natural insect repellents provided by nature-

If you hate ants, you can keep bay leaves in kitchen cabinets, drawers or in containers. Cayenne pepper also works wonders to keep these little pests away. Cinnamon powder can also be used to block their path. Garlic pieces also work well for ants as well as crushed mint leaves.

If you have termites around the house, combat them with a solution of aloe mixed with water. You can let it sit for one hour and allow it to strain.

Castor oil is also equally effective for getting rid of termites. You can use a mix of green seeds of castor oil, roots and leaves and keep them soaked in water for 24 hours. Mexican poppy oil with water is also effective against termites. You can keep this solution in a spray bottle and apply in termite affected areas.

Cockroaches can be kept at bay with the aid of cayenne pepper, white onion and garlic. You should add a little of them to a quarter of water and bring the solution to a light boil. Remove the solution from the heat and allow it to steep for one hour. You should pour this mixture into a spray bottle and apply to the areas infested by cockroaches. Remember, when you are keeping cockroaches away, you should not use garlic alone. Some cockroaches are attracted to garlic immensely.

The best natural insect repellents for spiders are lavender oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, citronella oil and cinnamon oil. Citrus oil can also be used for keeping spiders away. Not only spiders but you can also keep cobwebs at bay with spraying white vinegar mixed with coconut oil. You should take five parts of white vinegar and add one teaspoon of coconut oil to get effective results. Heat therapy in Adelaide will get you relief from arthritis, something you want to check out along with their insect repellent.

This means you can keep insects at bay with the aid of the above natural remedies. However, if you are out of your home, you can use a highly effective insect repellent called Florentine Gold. This insect repellent is made of natural essential oils and helps you to ward off insects no matter wherever you are. You can order the product from its online website and have it delivered to your home. It is safe even for pets, kids and elderly people. Opt for it to keep insects at bay and protect your loved ones from bites and stings! Arthritis cure home remedy also help you keep your body naturally fit and health.