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Effects Of Tinnitus On Life

As you are suffering with tinnitus, you probably are wondering if there is anything you could do to lessen the symptoms. Some have stated that home remedies have helped to reduce the symptoms and allow them to live a little easier. Home remedies are just that, something you can try at home to see if there is any change in your symptoms. There are a number of different home remedies that you could try to see which one will work best for you. You may find that one if not all of these home remedies will help to decrease your symptoms. These remedies also include ways to use the natural home remedies for tinnitus. TMJ jaw disorder and tinnitus. TMJ is one major factor that can cause tinnitus and if treated properly can sop tinnitus as well as TMJ.

Alcohol increased blood flow especially in the inner ear. Cutting down on alcohol or completely eliminating it from your life could help to lessen the symptoms by allowing your blood to flow more freely. Caffeine is said to have the same effect as alcohol to a person. Opposed to alcohol or caffeine, Nicotine slows down the blood flow to the ear which eventually can cause more pain and discomfort. You may want to cut down on Nicotine and even Nicotine supplements to help increase the blood flow and potentially reduce your symptoms.

Being in a quiet room may making your tinnitus more unbearable and bothersome. Try to add soft background noise such as a fan running, soft music on low, or any type of noise that can be played on a quiet volume may help reduce the symptoms. If loud noises cause your symptoms to become worse you could try covering it up with ear plugs or ear muffs. There are many different types of earmuffs you can try including rifle ear muffs.

Taking time out to learn some stress management skills might not be a bad idea. You could learn how to meditate to reduce stress, yoga, and even biofeedback. Stress has been known to make tinnitus worse. Even reading a book or taking a long bath to help with stress is not a bad idea. Try different things that might help you relax.

Even adding an herbal supplement known as ginkgo biloba which is a Chinese medicine that is very old. It has been known to increase the blood flow. Many recommend taking the herbal supplement in a capsule form. You could also include Zinc and B 12 vitamins. These have been known to help reduce symptoms at times. Many people with tinnitus have been known to have a B12 deficiency and adding a B 12 capsule daily may reduce symptoms.

Although these home remedies have not been studied by many to know indefinitely if they will work. Many people with tinnitus who do implement these remedies seem to have better control of their symptoms. It may help to reduce the symptoms enough that you can live with it. Be sure to get your B 12 and Zinc levels checked it may be a good idea to know for certain if you have a deficiency that way you can correct it as soon as possible. You could also ask your doctor if he or she has any other home remedies that may work better, with so many remedies out there it is impossible to list them all.